【NUST Event】2023 Taiwan Circulation Loop Arts & Culture Awards🎨

\🔥Call for Entry from International Students!!🔥///
The theme of this year is "Collection of Taiwan Tourism and Exploration of Local Scenery."
Come and share the beauty of Taiwan's natural & cultural landscape.
Competition Categories:
🎬Short Film
📘Notebook Design
Deadline for submission: October 13, 2023
Maximum NTD 10,000 Award
↓ Apply and upload your files here ↓


International Exchange


2024/06/08 國際交流

【NTUS × NUST】2024 River tracing and extreme diving exploration tour

By participating in this event, international students can see another beautiful aspect of Taiwan.

2024/04/26 國際交流

【NCYU × NUST】Outlanders are all around you

Thailand 泰國場Date日期- Friday, April 26, 2024 / 2024/04/26(五)      Time時間- 10:10am

2024/04/17 國際交流

【NCUE × NUST】 南投地區文化體驗 Cultural trip to Nantou- 2024. May 18th (Sat.)