【NTUS × NUST】2024 River tracing and extreme diving exploration tour

By participating in this event, international students can see another beautiful aspect of Taiwan. This easy-going trail is a good start for enjoying Taiwan's valleys, and in this event, you can experience a level of stimulation that allows you to discover different aspects of yourself and Taiwan.
Date:Saturday, June 8, 2024
Location:Dabicuo River

0800:Gather at the National Taiwan  University of Sport (Taichung)

0810-0940:Head to Miaoli Tenglong Villa

0940-1010:Distribute equipment and  route introduction   

1130-1230:Lunch break (Please bring your own lunch)

1230-1330:diving and water slides

1330-1410:Change into dry clothes


Fee:Free.  On the event day, meal allowance (NT$ 100 )will be given. Please submit the receipt for food purchased to receive the allowance.  

We recommend you to wear your ownmoisture wicking long sleeves and pants or swimsuit for the river tracing ,However,  we will still prepare some wetsuits, and we will not be able to guarantee that everyone will get a proper size of the wetsuit.

Definitely, you need to prepare your own clothes and pants (including underwear ) to change after we finish the river tracing.  

Important Notes ⚠️
🔺 You should bring your own lunch, drinking water, and snacks (a subsidy of $100 for lunch is provided; you must to submit a receipt!!!)
🔺 Please wear appropriate swimwear (wetsuit, swimsuit).
🔺 Be on time,don't be late!!!!!!!!!!
🔺 If there is a dangerous factor such as a typhoon or heavy rain warning, the event will be postponed. Information about the postponement will be notified first in the LINE group, so please make sure to join the group!

Contact email:ntusoutdoor@gmail.com
Registration Information: HERE



時間:2024/6/8 (星期六)

0800 國立台灣體育運動大學集合

0810-0940: 前往苗栗騰龍山莊






1410 歸賦



建議您穿著自己的排汗長袖和長褲或是泳裝進行溯溪。 不過,我們還是會準備一些防寒衣,但我們無法保證每個人都能得到合適尺寸的防寒衣。也麻煩請您準備好自己的換洗衣物及毛巾(包括內衣),可供溯溪後更換。

🔺同學需自備午餐、飲用水和行動糧食 (午餐補助100元,必須提交收據!!!)

🔺 倘若遇到颱風或大雨特報等危險因素將會延期,延期資訊將會第一時間在LINE群組通知,請務必加入群組!

報名資訊 :HERE

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