【NCUE × NUST】 南投地區文化體驗 Cultural trip to Nantou- 2024. May 18th (Sat.)

Activity Introduction
We will be heading to Nantou this time, embarking on a full-day craft and cultural experience through guided tours and DIY activities.
In the morning, we will visit The Grove Experience Factory, which was once an important town in the timber processing industry and retains traces of its history from the Japanese colonial period.
For lunch, we will visit the nearby Checheng Old Street to experience the railway atmosphere. In addition to the famous wooden lunch boxes, there are also various local snacks such as thin noodles with pork intestine, stinky tofu, and savory rice pudding. Moreover, there are traditional ice cream shops where we can enjoy ice cream, relax, and take in the scenery.
In the afternoon, we will explore Shuili Snake Kiln Ceramics Cultural Park, where remains the eldest tradition of kiln-making, for a cultural journey intertwined with historical memories!

參加對象 Participants
臺國大外籍師生International students and faculty from NUST

費用:行程免費。但需先支付300元保證金,若活動當天未全程參與者,此保證金將不退回,請於430日前完成繳費才算完成報名流程。報名取消期限為2024/5/12 23:59,逾期不受理退費申請。
報名截止日期:2024.04.30 (Tue)
Activity Information
Cost: Free, but a NTD 300 deposit is required in advance, which will be refunded at the end of the event. If participants fail to attend the event on the scheduled day, this deposit will not be refunded. Payment must be completed by April 30th to complete the registration process. The registration cancellation deadline is 2024/5/12 23:59. Refund applications will not be accepted after the deadline..
Dates: 2024.05.18 (Sat)
Registration Deadline: 2024.04.30 (Tue)



Registration Method
Registration link (Click Here!!!)

Registration may be closed earlier if the maximum number of participants is reached.
Only after remitting your deposit can your application be secured!

行程表 Itinerary


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