Climbing the Hundred Peaks for International Students - Witnessing the Beauty of Taiwan′s 3,400-Mete

【NUST國際迴圈 ∞ Project】



By participating in this event, international students can see another beautiful aspect of Taiwan. This easy-going trail is a good start for enjoying Taiwan's hundred peaks, and in this event, you can experience a level of stimulation that allows you to discover different aspects of yourself and Taiwan.

參加資格Eligibility: 臺灣國立大學系統所屬學校外籍生 International students in the universities of nust system

時間Date:May 26, 2023(星期五Friday) 

費用Fee: Free

Number of participants: 18 people maximum, admitted in order of application.
(Notification of admission will be sent by email)

Important notes ⚠️
🔺 Please wear comfortable sportswear and sports shoes.
🔺 Pay attention to weather conditions (sunscreen, warm clothing, raincoat).
🔺 Do not be late! Do not be late! Do not be late

聯絡方式Contact email:

報名資訊Registration Information:HERE

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