【NUST國際迴圈】2023 Taiwanese Language Certification Scholarship

Are you learning Mandarin or other Taiwanese languages?
To encourage more international students to study languages in Taiwan, such as Chinese, Hokkien, Hakka, and aboriginal language, NUST established the Taiwanese Language Certification Scholarship.
International students passing language tests can apply the scholarship.
Please check the website to see if you are eligible for the scholarship!

More information: >Click<
Deadline: 8:00a.m. 23 Oct. 2023

Contact Person: NCHU OIA Ms. Chang (yuhsuanchang@nchu.edu.tw)
International Exchange


2024/06/08 國際交流

【NTUS × NUST】2024 River tracing and extreme diving exploration tour

By participating in this event, international students can see another beautiful aspect of Taiwan.

2024/04/26 國際交流

【NCYU × NUST】Outlanders are all around you

Thailand 泰國場Date日期- Friday, April 26, 2024 / 2024/04/26(五)      Time時間- 10:10am

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【NCUE × NUST】 南投地區文化體驗 Cultural trip to Nantou- 2024. May 18th (Sat.)